Is this A Good Time To Sell Your Body Shop Business?


Have you ever asked yourself that question? “Can it be a good time for you to sell my business enterprise ” That’s a question every company owner asks himself, every time he has a bad day. I received email from your editor of the Auto Body News, asking me that key problem. “What’s going on in the industry now? Is It a Fantastic moment to market?” My quick answer was”These are very interesting moments.”

Needless to say that answer doesn’t tell you anything you could get your teeth . S O! Let me clarify my own answer. Since I’ve been selling human anatomy stores for almost five decades , I have experienced a number of changes in the bodyshop market. 1 thing which has never shifted is the fact that there’ve always been an abundance of sellers and buyers. The buyers have consistently been, but are picky about exactly what these were searching for.

An ideal shop from the eyes into the buyers is (A) one with a customer base and also a revenue flow that is trusted and isn’t determined by the owner currently being there to retain each individual customer, also. (B) carrying a volume of at least $100,000 per month, but much more. Large volume sellers think that should they own a DRP (Immediate Repair method. This really is where the insurers establish a romance with all the body shop to accomplish their clients organization. Much enjoy an HMO in health insurance) contract, even they have exactly what the consumers need Automotive Body Shop.

This could possibly be

however, also the contracts are not immediately transferable, and a buyer is likely to soon be very miserable if the DRP leaves after paying money for this particular”trusted earnings flow.” More compact quantity vendors, on the other-hand, perhaps not having corporate accounts, dealerships along with other contracts still have hopes of getting lot of dollars for their shops. The typical shop I run into is only doing around $300,000-$500,000 yearly revenues. Thus what we have is just a circumstance in which a lot of purchasers are looking to purchase a shop, but there aren’t a great deal of outlets readily available, which fit what they are interested in.

Last year, 1 change has occurred. You will find less shops readily available compared to any moment within my career. Not fewer of the large volume shops available sale, but that is fairly secure, but much less of their little mom and pop repair shops who’ve been in heavy demand. The reasonI think this really has happened could be because of the flourishing economy. Low-volume shops do much better than they will have in years. They have been making money, nor feel as much pressure to shut. They would like to get outside, but when they find out that their own 5,000 sq. foot store which is making them a $100,000 net gain, is only worth $100,000 in the available marketplace they choose to keep on working.

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